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Sawmill MEM

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Complete sawmill

Capacity: 70 m3/8 h shift,

Manufacturer: MEM,
Bandsaw: MEM Teletwin,
Production year: 1989,
Electric motor: 2 x 75 kW.

Multirip saw
Manufacturer: MEM,
Model: 2MT2,
Electric motor: 2 x 90 kW,
Production Year: 1991,
Blades: 4 each side,
Speed: up to 120 m/min,
Blade diameter: 500 mm,
Blade thickness: 4,2 mm,
Maximum cutting hight: 150 mm.

Manufacturer: Lindqvist,
Model: K583R,
Electric motor: 22 kW,
Speed: 50-90 m/min.

Manufaturer: SEGEM,
Model: 668/2,
Production year: 1991,
Electric motor: 90 kW,
Chipper knive length: 600 mm,
Opening: 600 x 250 mm,
Complete with vibrating table.

Description: Lasser assisted, sorting pockets for saw material, infeed table for logs, control system, 2 control systems, one is for band saw, one for multirip saw.Sa

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