Buying and selling used equipment is one of the basic services provided by If a situation has arisen when it is necessary to sell used existing or even new woodworking equipment, we can buy this equipment or help you with the sale of equipment. Our specialists will assess the condition of the equipment and, if necessary, dismantle it.


In case of sale of equipment, we will help you prepare pictures, videos and descriptions that depict the principles of operation and technical parameters of the equipment. We will ensure the placement of advertisements on sales platforms not only in the Baltic countries, but also on international platforms for the sale of used equipment.

Our main core values for successful mutual cooperation are punctuality, high quality, good communication and a professional approach. will analyze every situation and recommend the best solution!

We know how important time and cost are to today’s entrepreneur. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs produce as much as possible in less time, as well as reduce overall costs by involving as little human resources as possible, instead automating processes.

Contact us, because together we can create a mutually beneficial cooperation!